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Exhibition Proposal 2022:


Title: I am a UNIQUE Consciousness


Exhibition Proposal is on the potentially positive synesthetic and transcendent effects that spiritual practices in combination with the effects of color may have on individuals on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, or with ADHD.

I personally do not see those qualities as an any disabilities, I see them as an opportunity for other human beings to spread unconditional love and unconditional service for those are carrying pure hearts, which are recognized in this society as a disability.

My artistic process begins with a desire to understand a kind of "universal energy" in how each of our consciousnesses explores visual forms. I try to use all of my senses
to observe and investigate these forms. I am interested in correlations between science and art, particularly through my own experience with neurobiology.

This is the connection of neuroscience, (neurobiology) or Cellular aspect of things. At cellular level I connect myself with the deep layers of how cells regenerate and communicate with each other. “In this whole world everything is connected with Neuroscience and neurobiological experiences, if we talk about ‘Human Body’ this is connected in every aspect of this life with “Neuro”.


At last the main aim of this proposal to invite Kids, youth and adults who comes under the bracket of Autistic Spectrum, Down Syndrome and with ADHD., what is the personal feeling and experience of the viewer, when a pair of eyes see my work. If they feel anything which is hidden /unseen (you may say this occult experience or mystical things). My question and investigation on this:  We all are human beings, interconnected with each other in many ways, at different levels, you may say soul, religion, culture, belief and many more aspects.

Are we truly connected with our own inner self? Where we can see different dimensions of the life “What is beyond this body and Mind”.

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