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Location :  CCTV, Cambridge, MA (March-May 2022)


Solo Exhibition:

I am a UNIQUE Consciousness


My artistic process begins with a desire to understand "universal energy" and how our consciousness explores visual forms & relationship with each other. I try to use all my senses to observe and investigate these forms in all human relationship.

For this exhibition, I love to invite all who come under the bracket of an Autistic Spectrum, Down Syndrome and ADHD. What are their feelings and experiences exploring these forms and colors? Is there something hidden, unseen & magical for them?


Are we truly connected with our own inner self? Where we can see different dimensions of this life “What is beyond this body and Mind”.


We all are human beings, interconnected with each other in many ways, at different level, one may say soul, religion, culture, society etc.


I personally do not see those qualities as any disability, I see an opportunity for us to serve them with more unconditional love & Joy.

All unique consciousness on this Earth are carrying pure heart. They are helping us to grow with more love & unconditional service for them.


We are grateful to them giving their association in this universe.



We are really powerful divine children.HEIC
We are a unique family.heic
I am Nick & Nick Brothers.heic
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