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By Julia Barber, WBUR

Neetu Singhal’s pieces
, moving through painting, metalwork and sculpture, reflect a strong sense of evolution. Coming from a background in neuroscience, Singhal argues that the structure of the world can be reduced to the two fundamental forms of the line and the dot. Staying within the bounds of these two elements, she explores different media to find the right outlets for her understanding of human consciousness, metaphysical energy and the occult. Although she works primarily in two dimensions, Singhal's goal in artmaking is "creating an alive complete energy system as... one piece of art." Singhal’s play with time and scale — a 60-foot painting installation, a 150-pound metal canvas, tiny beads of bronze that oxidize as they age — reflects the spirituality with which she approaches her practice.

Emerson College Press

Neetu Singhal presents two vibrant silk screen paintings on canvas, A Womb and Blue Dimensions. Blending neuroscience and spirituality, Singhal expresses a desire for deeper connections anmore accepting communities, while she comments on the complexity of achieving this. Currently, she is researching the potentially positive synesthetic and transcendent effects that spiritual practices in combination with the effects of color may have on individuals on the Autism Spectrum, with Down Syndrome, or with ADHD. Read more about the artist at:,


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Deccan Chronicle 

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ICCR, New Delhi


Rotary Club

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