Seeing an artwork; you are also reading the consciousness of an artist'. An artist can never be lie on the canvas: It's a true & transparent Soul's reflection!                                                             


Neetu Singhal 2018

Neetu Singhal's work have been exhibited in India, USA, Mauritius & Norway. Her works have been exhibited in several solo &  group exhibitions (over a past decade) including a group exhibition at Harvard T.H. Chan public health center in Boston, Curated by MassArt’s Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CACP).In 2019, her work was selected for the Florence Biennale.

Her art works have been representing by famous art galleries across the globe.

Neetu is a Reiki Level 1 practitioner. She has been trained in Indian physical yoga,  breathing practices:  Shambhavi (Hatha Yoga) &  Sudarshan,  Panchabhuta Sudhi (five Body element balance),  Raj-Yoga Meditation,  Basic Kriya Yoga,  Chakra Science and  Sri Vidhya (Energy Tantra System). 

For over ten years Neetu has volunteered for various Indian spiritual organizations & Institutions.


MFA (Painting) Massachusetts College of Art & Design Boston,MA,USA.

M.Sc.(Biotechnology) C.C.S University ,UP,India.

B.Sc.(Zoology,Botany,Chemistry) Agra University,UP,India.

Research Project: Leukemia, Apollo, New Delhi, India.

Certificates: Electron Microscope ,AIIMS,New Delhi,India.


For detailed CV please write an email :  info.neetusinghal@gmail.com