My artistic process begins with a desire to understand “Universal energy”: how each of our consciousnesses explores visual forms. Two primary forms inhabit my work: Dots and Lines, which together evoke everything in the universe. Dots are atoms, cells, and stars. Lines are the continuity of life with endless human's elevated experiences. I believe, a Line is the extended form of a Dot, i try to observe this relationship in every dimension of our day to day life. All of my senses try to observe & identify those UNSEEN forms which is a completely non-verbal communication process across the surface.

In the search for the evidences of "Universal Human Consciousness", I experience a connection with Occult, the surrealists’ so-called Pataphysics (Metaphysics), and Theosophy.

I am fascinated by the correlation between Science and Art, particularly through my own experiences during many research analyses in "Neuroscience".

The interaction of dots, lines, colors, and patterns generate energy patterns, I seek to understand them with a metaphysical lens. I experience a sense of vibration across the multi-dimensional surface during this process. I am also interested in physical properties of color; viscosity & velocity, which provides a tactile surface experience that opens many interpretations about neurological hidden messages. Using light and sound with an artwork help to give these visual forms a supportive sensory stimulation. 

Coming from India, I am trying to develop a common language in my works, which should not be limited to one’s own culture, religion, and race. I am also interested in the meeting points of Eastern and Western philosophical and psychological traditions, which influences my imagination and shapes my awareness.